COMBO: Madidi and Pampas – Macaws and Caiman

4 Days / 3 Nights

Day 1. Depart at 8:30 am and take a boat trip that lasts 3 hours, enjoying spectacular views of the rivers Beni and Tuichi before entering the Madidi National Park.

11:30 am We will arrive at our Ecolodge where you will receive a refreshing glass of fruit juice as a welcome before being shown your accommodation.

12:30 We will then have lunch.

14:30 pm we will walk along our trail named „dry creek“ where you will see a variety of plants and learn about their many uses. They provide us with our medicines, craft and construction materials. With a little luck we will see some species of monkeys, peccaries, birds and many insects. After dinner we can relax.

Day 2. Breakfast at 7:00 am

8:00 am we will take a walk to the Cliff of the Macaws, one of the best places in Madidi National Park to watch macaws, parrots and other birds. The walk is moderately hard and on the way we will see huge trees and learn more about their uses. At the Cliff of the Macaws you can not only watch the birds but can also enjoy the breath-taking view of the Amazon Basin and its many rivers.

10:30 am we will go to the River Tuichi where we will build a log raft (traditional transport of the Amazonian Indians) and go downstream for about 2 hours until we reach the eco-lodge. However we will have the boat for security, for our backpacks and for people who do not wish to participate in this activity. We will have lunch and a rest.

14:00 pm you can either rest or choose an activity, for example, you may want to make traditional handicrafts or go fishing.

Day 3. – get up at 6.00 am and have breakfast before returning to Rurrenabaque where we will arrive at about 8.30am.

9:00 am We will immediately leave for Santa Rosa. We will travel in a comfortable vehicle equipped with seat belts and air conditioning. Along the way we will have great opportunities to see sloths, anteaters, birds, and other animals.

11:30 am we will take a boat trip of about 15 minutes to our eco-lodge, “The Turtles”. You will be shown your accommodation and we will have lunch.

14:30 pm we will go along the River Yacuma by boat to look for and take pictures of caimen, capybara, turtles, many bird species and others. Before we return we may be able to swim with the beautiful pink river dolphins which live in this wonderful place. (This is dependen upon the season.)

Day 4. -Wake up at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise and listen to the sounds of howler monkeys and birds which herald the awakening of the pampas. We will have breakfast.

8:30 am go back out on the River Yacuma looking for a good place to walk and look for anacondas, which with a little luck, we will find. During our tour we will continue to see a variety of birds, capybara, caimen, turtles and other animals. Then after lunch we

13:30 pm will take the car and return to Rurrenabaque where we will arrive at about 4:00 p.m.
Degree of difficulty: Easy – Medium

Tour includes: 3 nights accommodation, full board on the tour, transfer in/out in Rurrenabaque, for the Pampas in the Eco-Lodge there is a double room with private shower and toilet, and in the Jungle a double room with shared shower and toilet,native guide who speaks english.
Tour does not include: Entrance tickets to Madidi Park and to the Pampa, alcoholic beverages.
Note: It is also possible to have other programmes with Mashaquipe.
Price per person: 375 USD (minimum 2 people – shared tour). If you are one person please ask.

For tours that start within 48 hours please send us an e-mail

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