Tuni Condoriri

The Cordillera Real of the Andes (mountain range) has as one of its mountains the mystical Condoriri which reaches a height of 5648 meters. This mountain is considered by the inhabitants of the region as its protector since according to them it controls the rains, snows, draughts and the flora and fauna of the region as well.
This beautiful mountain has the form of a condor with open wings ready to fly and according to legend this mountain was the region of giant and fierce condors which carried away children from nearby villages in their claws to teach them and turn them into condor-men who sowed terror and death in their villages.

Cabeza de Cóndor

2 Days / 1 Night

1st Day:
The tour starts at 08:30 when you are picked up from your hotel (only down town hotels) where we then head in a private vehicle to the Rinconada (4600 m) which takes 2 and a half hours. Around 11:30 we have lunch in Rinconada and after an hour we begin the trek towards Chiarkota Lagoon (4650 m) on a simple path where we see some lagoons surrounded by mountains of the Bolivian High Plateau, along the way we take a break of 15 minutes. Afterwards we continue the tour on the same path and at 14:00 we get to Chiarkota Lagoon (4650 m) which is located in the foothills of Condoriri Mountain, where we have free time to enjoy the views while the guide sets up the tent to spend the night and makes dinner. At 17:00 we have dinner and we rest.

2nd Day:
We start this day with breakfast at 01:00 and around 02:00 we depart heading for the Cabeza de Condor (condor’s head, 5700 meters) on a rocky path which takes 3 hours. At 05:00 we arrive at the glacier and from here we start to use the crampons and the ice ax. As well we make the ascent with a rope attached to the guide. Very close to the summit we arrive at an ice wall 100 meters long whose slope is 60 to 65 degrees. Around 08:00 we arrive at the summit where we rest for 15 minutes. Afterwards we descend taking 2 and a half hours until the base camp where we have lunch and then return to Rinconada and arrive at this village at 15:00. Finally we return by private vehicle to La Paz and get back to the hotel at 17:30.

The tour includes: Private transport, complete board on the tour, insulation mat, tent and guide.
The tour does not include: Sleeping bag, headlamp, entrance tickets, 2 liters of water (first day) and a personal porter.

Price per person: 399 USD (minimum 2 people – only private tour).

For tours that start within 48 hours please send us an e-mail

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