Biking the World’s most dangerous road

The Yungas area is characterized by a pleasant climate that ranges from 20°C to 25°C during the day for almost the entire year, mountains covered with varied vegetation, just fit for a pleasant break. The beautiful village of Coroico (1700 m), is located in this area, 97 Km from La Paz, and three hours by bus to get there. To reach this town there are two options: by bus or going on a bicycle.

We start the tour at 07:30 and head to the Cumbre (4750 m), located 1 hour away from the city of La Paz by bus. At the Cumbre the guide will give instructions and all the necessary equipment to start this activity.
At 09:00 we begin the descent on an asphalt road until we get to a police control point after 30 minutes. Continuing with the descent we pass through a small tunnel and arrive in Unduavi around 10:00 where the asphalt road ends. From this point the road varies ascending and descending. Around 11:00 we stop to rest and have a snack and at the same time we receive more instructions from the guide because from this point the most dangerous road in the world begins, as well the guide checks the brakes of the bicycles. Continuing with the tour we see on the way the unique landscape of the Yungas Valley whose landscape is characterized by mountains covered with varied vegetation, precipices, and waterfalls such as „San Juan“.
Finally around 14:00 we arrive in Yolosa (1200 m) where we end the tour. Afterwards we head off to a hotel where we have 2 hours of free time to take a shower where towels and shampoo is included. We have a buffet lunch and enjoy the swimming pool. From here it takes 20 minutes by bus or taxi to Coroico. At 16:00 we return from Yolosa to La Paz by bus arriving 3 hours later.

The tour includes: Food, English and Spanish speaking guide for every 6-7 cyclists.
The tour does not include: The Entrance ticket for the most dangerous road in the world, drinks at the hotel.
Price per person: 79 USD (minimum 1 person – shared tour).

For tours that start within 48 hours please send us an e-mail

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