4 Days / 3 Nights

The majestic Illimani mountain with a height of 6439 meters forms part of the Cordillera Real of the Andes. Its peculiar appearance inspires locals and foreigners to conquer its summit. It is considered as protector, guardian and a representative symbol of La Paz. As well it inspires many painters, singers and poets in their masterpieces.

1st Day:
The tour begins when you are picked up from your hotel at 09:00. We take a private transport in the direction of Pinaya (4000 m) where we have lunch and then we start a 3 and a half hours trek towards the base camp (4500 m) on a simple path. There the guide sets up the tents and prepares dinner and afterwards we rest.

2nd Day:
This day begins at 08:00 with breakfast and 1hour and a half later we leave for the High Camp (5500 m) called „Nido de Cóndores“ on a rocky path. At midday we have lunch and rest for an hour at an altitude of 5000 meters. Around 13:00 we continue the ascent to the Nido de Cóndores (Condors‘ Nest) and arrive at approximately 16:00. While we rest the guide sets up the tent and prepares dinner and at 18:00 we relax.

3rd Day:
This day begins at 01:00 with breakfast and around 02:00 we head off to the summit of Illimani (6439 m), taking 6 hours to reach it. We are tied to the guide with a rope. The first part is undertaken near a ridge which has a slope of 45° and then we continue on a varied path (plateaus and rises) with 40° of slope. Very close to the summit at an elevation of 6000 meters there is a wall with a slope of 55° and a 100 meters in length. Once at the summit we relax for 15 minutes while admiring the impressive landscape of the Andean mountain range (cordillera of the Andes). Afterwards we return to the High Camp arriving there at 11:00 where we have lunch and after 1 hour we descend to the base camp and continue the walk until Pinaya. The guide set up the tents; we have dinner and rest.

4th Day:
This day begins at 08:00 with breakfast then we take the private transport to return to La Paz. Around midday we arrive at the hotel and end the tour.

The tour includes: Private transportation, complete board on the tour, insulation mat, tent and guide.
The tour does not include: Sleeping bag, headlamp, sun glasses, 2 liters of water (first day) and personal porter.

Price per person: 694 USD (minimum 2 people – only private tour).

For tours that start within 48 hours please send us an e-mail

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