Pilon Lajas Reserve

This reserve was established on April 9, 1992 in order to preserve the flora and fauna of the mountain rainforests of Yungas and Madeira. It has a warm and very humid climate, whose height ranges from 200 to 2000 m. It has an area of 400,000 ha. and is located in the southwest of the Department of Beni and in the middle eastern part of the Department of La Paz. The biodiversity of this reserve is great because there is more than 700 species of birds, more than 800 species of mammals and more than 2000 species of plants. This reserve is also home to over 20 indigenous communities such as Tsimanes, Tacanas, and Mosetenes, who maintain their traditional ways of life. These communities are located along the Beni and Quiquibey Rivers.

Indigenous Ecoturism Mapajo Programme

4 Days / 3 Nights

The Ecotourism „Mapajo“ Lodge located in the community Asunción de Quiquibey was built with the aim to exploit natural resources in an ecologically sustainable way to contribute to the socio-economic development of communities. The ecolodge was built in a traditional manner with palm bark and jatata leaves offering its visitors all the services necessary for a good stay.

1st Day:
This day begins when you are picked up from your Hotel in Rurrenabaque and then go by boat to the lodge on the Beni river passing through the Bala Canyon to reach the Quiquibey river after 3 hours. After settling into the refuge we have lunch and after 1 hour we go for a walk on the Mapajo Path. We also learn craftwork skills with fruits of the forest and then at night we have dinner and rest.

2nd Day:
We begin the day with breakfast and after 1 hour we conduct a tour of the Quiquibey River where we visit a community living on the river. Around 12:00 we have lunch on the beach. In the afternoon we go for a walk on the „path of the macaws“. At night we go for a river cruise to see the night life of the animals. Afterwards we return to the lodge where we have dinner and rest.

3rd Day:
We start this day with breakfast, then go on a ride in a log raft on the Rosarion River where we can swim. Around noon we have lunch and in the afternoon we conduct a cultural exchange with the community of Asunción del Quiquibey. In the evening we have dinner at the lodge, then share a nice evening with traditional music of the area performed by community members.

4th Day:
We start the day with breakfast and after this we go on a tour of the crop fields of Asunción del Quiquibey and around 12:00 we have lunch. Afterwards 1 hour we return to Rurrenabaque by boat on the Quiquibey and Beni Rivers. After 2 hours traveling we arrive in Rurrenabaque and transfer to the airport to return to La Paz.

Tour includes: 3 nights accommodation, full board on the tour, transfer to and from Rurrenabaque, native guide in Spanish.
Tour does not include: Entrance ticket to Park Pilón Lajas.
Note: We can also organize programmes of 5D/4N, 6D/5N.

Price per person: 375 USD (minimum 1 person – shared tour).

For tours that start within 48 hours please send us an e-mail

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