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City Tour – La Paz
Chacaltaya + Moon Valley

Copacabana + Sun Island 1 Day
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Chalalan Ecolodge
San Miguel del Bala

Mapajo Ecolodge

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Tupiza – Uyuni 4 Days

The World's Most Dangerous Road (To Coroico)

Choro Trek
Taquesi Trek
Tuni Condoriri – Laguna Chiarkota 1 Day
Tuni Condoriri – Laguna Chiarkota 2 Days
Tuni Condoriri – Milluni 2 Days
Tuni Condoriri – Milluni 3 Days
Tuni Condoriri – Milluni + Climbing Huayna Potosí 5 Days

Huayna Potosí 2 Days
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Pequeño Alpamayo 2 Days
Cabeza de Cóndor 2 Days
Illimani 4 Days
Sajama 5 Days

City Tour – Cusco
Machupicchu 1 Day
Inka Trek 4 Days
Salkantay Trek 5 Days

Jungle Tour

3 Days / 2 Nights

Northeast of the city of La Paz in the Province of Beni, is Rurrenabaque, situated on the shores of the great Beni River. It is known for its jungle environment, the unique landscape of the Bolivian Amazon. When you cross this river you come to San Buenaventura (Province of La Paz). You have to pass here to enter Madidi National Park. Rurrenabaque is located 426 Km from La Paz. To get there you can go by land (17 hours travel) or air (1 hour travel). From Rurrenabaque different tours are available to explore the Pampas where you can experience fauna and jungle which is characterized by abundant flora.

1st Day:
The tour begins at 08:30 when you assemble together and meet the guide and cook in Rurrenabaque. At 09.00 you cross from Rurrenabaque to San Buenaventura to pay for the entrance into Madidi National Park. Afterwards we continue the trip on the Beni River by motor boat for 3 hours. On the way we observe the jungle landscape and a few indigenous communities which are located on the shores of the river; as well you can see a variety of birds.
After settling into the camp lunch is served. At 14:00 we go for a walk in the jungle where we can observe different kinds of monkeys, insects, birds, and a variety of fruit trees and palms. At 18:00 we return to the camp to have dinner and rest.

2nd Day:
At 08:00 we have breakfast in the camp and afterwards go for a walk to appreciate the lush vegetation where the guide explains to us the qualities of the plants which we are admiring. Around 12:00 we have lunch in the camp.
In the afternoon the guide teaches us how to make handicrafts using seeds and leaves that we gather. Around 15:30 along with the guide we learn a few survival techniques in the jungle making use of the natural resources of the place. In the night we have dinner and rest.

3rd Day:
This third day begins at 06:00. We leave the camp heading to a special place where we observe many macaws of various colors. Around 07:30 we return to the camp and have breakfast. Lastly we go for a little walk on a path where we admire the variety of monkeys, giant trees, medicinal plants, etc. Afterwards we return to the camp to have lunch. At 15:00 we return to Rurrenabaque by boat finalizing our tour at 17:00.

The tour includes: 2 nights lodging, complete board, and a native guide in Spanish.
The tour does not include: The entrance ticket to National Park Madidi.
Note: Combined tours are also possible (Pampa and Jungle).

Price per person: 174 USD (minimum 1 person - backpacker service).

La Paz - Bolivia